Cut out the jargon from contracts | IP Draughts

IP Draughts is wry and cleverly written British intellectual property and business law blog published by Anderson Law, LLP in the picturesque, medieval hamlet of Shillingford, Oxfordshire. Its bloggers are not above making not-so-subtle (though sometimes well deserved) digs at the occasionally bloated and ironically old fashioned language and style of many American legal contracts.

Yesterday’s IP Draughts post (linked below) is no exception.  It captures one of those rare ounces of humor (or humour) that can be be distilled from this topic, a well that many doubtless feel is excruciatingly dry for the most part.  Okay, the little cartoons do help!

Cut out the jargon from contracts

All that being said, don’t be tempted to gloss over the notwithstandings, subject tos, and the rare, if puzzling, mutatis mutandis in your own contracts, and talk to a contract lawyer at Briskin, Cross and Sanford if there is anything in an agreement you are asked to sign that is not crystal clear to you.

As for moral turpitude (see Mr. Anderson’s post, as well as the US Customs and Immigration Service card that he discusses), that is a topic for another day as the possibilities are extensive!


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