Louboutin’s Immortal Sole Used to Attack Islam – Counterfeit Chic

Susan Scafidi, law professor and academic director of Fordham Law School’s Fashion law Institute (bio here) discusses Christian Louboutin’s efforts to seek an injunction from a court in Belgium preventing the use of his trademark red-soled pumps by a right-wing political faction in Belgium as a part of its anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Louboutin claims his brand is being tarnished.  Scafidi agrees: “This is a case of unauthorized use of a trademark in unrelated advertising, albeit for a political party and a point of view rather than a product.”  She also points out that Louboutin is not the only aggrieved party: the Belgian photograph shamelessly rips off the art of  Canadian feminist photographer Rosea Lake (original shown here), a fact about which Ms. Lake is none too pleased (see her own blogged response here).

Susan Scafidi’s full post (linked below) is well worth reading (as are all of her blog postings).

Louboutin’s Immortal Sole Used to Attack Islam – Counterfeit Chic.